Pennsylvania Cyber Charter Schools Rally To Oppose Funding Cuts

posted on 07 Nov 2013 00:53 by piastonmoltipa

I have so many new friends and supportive teachers," said Kenny in her letter. Dozens of PA Cyber families at the rally included Linda and Ken Snyder of Likens, Pa., and their friends Christy and Mick Lower of Elizabethville. The Snyders enrolled their daughter Sarah, 9, and son Kenneth, 7, this year in PA Cyber because, Linda said, her classroom school was unable to stop her daughter from being bullied. "I was in the office 12 times last year," Linda said. Last year, while sitting on the bleachers at their girls' softball games, Linda Snyder had long conversations with Christy Lower before enrolling the Snyder children in PA Cyber. Lower twins Jeana and Paige, age 10, have been PA Cyber students for several years. Christy said the Snyders were the third family she helped make a decision to transfer to PA Cyber.
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